Orange Creamsicle Live Hash Rosin – 1G

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Orange Creamsicle Live Hash Rosin (1 gram)

  • 1 Gram of Live Hash Rosin
  • The best dabs, with the best taste.  Solventless, these are made by heat and pressure only!
  • High terpene profile
  • Orange Creamsicle Strain

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Orange Creamsicle Live Hash Rosin

Live Hash Rosin, a pinnacle in the world of solventless cannabis extracts. Meticulously crafted with a commitment to purity and potency, Live Hash Rosin represents the artistry of cannabis extraction without the use of solvents. Born from the hands of skilled artisans, this extract is a testament to the evolving sophistication of cannabis processing.

What sets Live Hash Rosin apart is its commitment to solventless extraction. Free from chemical solvents, this extract embodies a natural and authentic representation of the cannabis plant. The absence of solvents allows the true character of the strain to shine through, providing a clean and unadulterated high.

2 reviews for Orange Creamsicle Live Hash Rosin – 1G

  1. Richard

    Richard N. (verified owner)

    All the hash rosin are top notch put some in a joint you will love it

  2. Richard

    Richard N. (verified owner)

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