Park Fire OG

Park Fire OG Strain

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Park Fire OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a crossing of the heavy-hitting SFV OG X OG Kush.


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Park Fire OG Information


Park Fire OG is one of the strongest of the OG strains strains around, and is recommended for only seasoned smokers with a high THC tolerance. The Park Fire OG strain has an insanely high THC level reaching as high 36% in some tests – This makes it one of Canada’s highest THC strains and a potent strain for even a seasoned smoker.  In addition to its incredible potency, this strain delivers waves of hard-hitting euphoria and relaxation. Park Fire OG is bound to will burn away any and all troubles in your path! Users will experience a sweet, citrusy flavor with hints of sour candies. This is followed by skunky gas once you’ve broken each bud and released the inner fragrances.

Key Attributes of the Park Fire OG Strain:


Indica Dominant Hybrid (70% Indica / 30% Sativa)

THC Content



Sweet, Cinnamon, Skunky


Sweet, Woody, Citrus, Spicy


Euphoria, Head High, Relaxing, Body High, Couch Lock

Medical Benefits

Insomnia, Anxiety Mood Swings

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121 reviews for Park Fire OG

  1. mtndave (verified owner)

    36% This is good weed gets you very baked and tasty

  2. P

    Peter (verified owner)

    It’s dank

  3. Jon

    Jon (verified owner)

  4. Michale

    Michale (verified owner)

    Great bud, Fantastic service

  5. David Danson (verified owner)

    Awesome strain

  6. Daniel

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Nice buds, smell is amazing. I would recommend

  7. Jordan

    Jordan Hogan (verified owner)

    Very nice buds. Dense but still a little fluff to them. It certainly packs a punch. I am a very heavy smoker and this still hits the dome. Def worth it!

  8. Arnold

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Samson strong!!!

  9. Trent

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smokes great, tastes awesome. Can’t beat this teams service.

  10. Chad

    Chad (verified owner)

    Fire ? amazing smoke

  11. Rachel

    Rachel (verified owner)

  12. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)


  13. Jeff

    Jeff (verified owner)

    Great flavour great buzz

  14. Kathy

    Kathy O. (verified owner)

    Great strain, I’m enjoying it. Service to my door was above and beyond my expectations.

  15. Keshav

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Sean

    Sean Kilby (verified owner)

    Fruit loaf with marzipan delightful painkiller really awesome indica

  17. Gerry

    Gerry G. (verified owner)

  18. Bill

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best ever

  19. Keshav

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Megan

    Megan (verified owner)

    Very good! Very keify as well

  21. David

    David W. (verified owner)

    Pretty good smoke

  22. Robert

    Robert (verified owner)

  23. David Danson (verified owner)

    Super strong tasty amazing strain awesome and it’s not my first time order this strain

  24. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

    Well worth the Hype had to clean my grinder a few times because it was so sticky only wish I had more

  25. Robert

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good but axpected more for thc level in it

  26. May

    May Sayaraj (verified owner)

  27. Robert

    Robert (verified owner)

  28. Kevin

    mrkevinlongley (verified owner)

    Just got my park fire og ..came faster than expected…spicy..light berry lil earthy terp..vapes nice …gives that thc throat sting we all love on vape …mouth is drying creeper….bien gracias pour les herbes k lo

  29. Mary

    Mary W. (verified owner)

    I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from your site

  30. Daniel

    Daniel Vollman (verified owner)

  31. Cindy

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Paul

    Pauloneil (verified owner)

    This did not meet my expectations at all. Given the huge thc content I expected it to pack a punch. I found it dry and a little on the dank side.

  33. Robert

    Robert C. (verified owner)


  34. Ashley

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Mike123

    Mike (verified owner)

    Decent. Expected more for the 33-36% thc

  36. Rob

    Rob S. (verified owner)

    Nice and fresh, big sticky buds. Fantastic service.

  37. John

    John (verified owner)

  38. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  39. Khurram

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Regular smoker not impressed by this maybe its a bad batch but lots of leaves, smokes harsh was really looking forward to 36% THC not worth it better off with layer cake or other strains

    Service as always amazing ?

  40. Richard

    Richard Squires (verified owner)

    Good high great taste

  41. Courtney

    Courtney M. (verified owner)


  42. ronald

    ronald (verified owner)

    very nice

  43. Mark

    Mark LeFave (verified owner)

    Was pretty excited opening the bag, looks and smells amazing. After smoking I was pretty let down. Considering this is the highest thc option on the site, and an expensive one, but I have to smoke a lot more of this strain than I usually do with any others to feel the same effects.

  44. John

    John (verified owner)

  45. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

    My28 seeks out some of the best weed I have ever inhaled with great customer support down to the friendly drivers makes my choice a no brainer

  46. Anne

    Anne C. (verified owner)

  47. Katarina

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    For a 36% thc strain this did not give me the intense high I was expecting. Kind of disappointing

  48. Mark

    Mark (verified owner)

    You will not be disappointed. Nice looking, great tasting, and does the job quite well. Enjoy!

  49. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  50. Matt

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it! These buds are more natural/fluffy structured, and have a gorgeous purple/dark green to them. The flavor and aroma is of sweet citrus fruits and a slight gassy skunk. Now when it comes to THC levels; it’s definitely in the 30’s but maybe not exactly 36%. In comparison to Layer Cake it really comes down to preference. I think it’s worth it to try both!

  51. Rob

    Rob (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds and a great high!!! Highly recommend

  52. Todd

    Todd M. (verified owner)

  53. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  54. Robert

    Robert Chobotet (verified owner)


  55. Ali

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Extremely good definitely not for beginners

  56. Dave

    Dave (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Best jamming weed I’ve had in a long time. Rock on!

  57. Ray

    Ray (verified owner)

    My favourite so far..

  58. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  59. Joanne

    Joanne Tracy (verified owner)

  60. Robert

    Robert (verified owner)


  61. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  62. Solus

    Solus Chappell (verified owner)

    Good stuff but doesn’t feel like 36% thc. I should be glued to the couch after like 3 hoots at 36%. The last batch at 29% thc (dirty rhino) seemed stronger for sure.

  63. Adam

    Adam Howe (verified owner)

  64. Mark

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top Notch, can’t go wrong with this purchase.

  65. Jaeden

    Jaeden Dowling (verified owner)

    Definitely a wake up for a seasoned smoker! Hits hard and gets ya flying like and eagle!

  66. Spencer

    Spencer Eroshinsky (verified owner)

    The staff at My 28grams are top notch they went over and above to ensure I was %100 satisfied with my order and I would recommend using them to friends and anyone else looking for good smoke good service and great staff and delivery drivers!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

  67. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  68. Michael

    Michael Newell (verified owner)

  69. David Danson (verified owner)

    Awesome strain and on time delivery thank you

  70. Laura

    Laura (verified owner)

    Everytime I have any interaction with My28grams, it is very pleasant. They always answer questions quickly. Their drivers are punctual and polite. This company is top notch! And great dope!

  71. Skyler

    Skyler Bourque (verified owner)

  72. Jeff

    Jeff (verified owner)

    Just looking to order more

  73. Jason

    Jason K. (verified owner)

    Really great weed was very surprised & I will definitely get again

  74. Curtis

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product

  75. Betty

    Betty S. (verified owner)

  76. Cindy

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  77. Robert

    Robert C. (verified owner)


  78. Cheryl

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  79. Liam

    Liam (verified owner)

    It was pretty good not too rough on the lungs either and a good high overall sort of helps with anxiety too

  80. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  81. Dawn

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice. A top choice.

  82. Dana

    Dana (verified owner)

  83. Ray

    Ray M. (verified owner)

    Great smoke…and love the effects..two thumbs up

  84. Colin

    Colin R. (verified owner)

    Awesome flavor and good kick definitely not a daytime smoker though unless you have nothing important to do lol.

  85. Todd

    Todd (verified owner)

  86. Daniel

    Daniel (verified owner)

  87. Kevin

    Kevin L. (verified owner)

    I think 33% is a better rate of thc for this…36% in previous months was incorrect in my opinion as a seasoned stoner….36% should choke you out at high vape temps so does 33 but not like 36 and take half the time to get where pluto is…just my opinion

  88. Richard

    Richard (verified owner)

  89. Jason

    Luckyjay6969 Mandeville (verified owner)

    Fantastic hits hard a little fluffy but roll it tight smoked great

  90. George

    George (verified owner)

  91. tea

    TEA (verified owner)

  92. Robyn

    Robyn (verified owner)

    Park Fire OG is a good weed to get high on but it makes you sleepy, so is good for evenings. Not so good for daytime use.

  93. Zico

    Zico (verified owner)

  94. Logan

    Loganedwards7 (verified owner)

    Very tasty and smooth smoke, my only complaint is that it’s almost too good that I’m getting resin everywhere

  95. Rob

    Rob (verified owner)


  96. Joel

    Joel Z. (verified owner)


  97. John

    John (verified owner)

  98. Curtis

    Curtis S. (verified owner)

    Pretty decent smokes nice good affects

  99. Julie

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  100. Robert

    Robert (verified owner)


  101. Donald

    Donald W. (verified owner)

    One of the best strains I’ve had yet nothing quite knoks you on your booty with a green classic taste.

  102. Don

    Donald Funk (verified owner)

    Very smooth

  103. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  104. Todd

    Todd (verified owner)

  105. benjamin

    benjamin l. (verified owner)

    does not live up to its name or worth the price menny better strains this company has lol i know iv tried a lot

  106. Dkjpot

    Dwight (verified owner)

  107. Cris

    Cristopher C. (verified owner)

  108. William

    Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  109. Adam

    Adam Crisp (verified owner)

  110. Margaret

    Margaret C. (verified owner)

  111. Hanlon

    Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  112. Steve

    Stevore (verified owner)

    Tried it a year ago and really liked it. This batch is just as good. If you have a higher tolerance you’ll enjoy it.

  113. Keith

    Keith t. (verified owner)

  114. Bobby

    Bobby W. (verified owner)

  115. William

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  116. Colleen

    Colleen (verified owner)

  117. Maggie

    Maggie (verified owner)

    Product was great BUT when I inquired about how the “single” that was sent is shrinking with every new one sent is getting smaller and smaller…I got NO response so ☹️-0 rating for that

  118. Don

    Donald Funk (verified owner)

    Very smooth

  119. William

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  120. chance

    chance nielsen (verified owner)

    It’s really good shit like fr fr good shit I just keep coming back for it

  121. Michale

    Michale (verified owner)

    Great products,Great prices, Great service.

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