Peanut Butter Rockstar

Peanut Butter Rockstar Strain

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Peanut Butter Rockstar is a rare balanced hybrid strain (50% indica / 50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Dosidos X Mendobreath F2 X Rockstar strains.


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Peanut Butter Rockstar Information


With Peanut Butter Rockstar, the name says it all – the flavor is nutty and earthy with a rich herbal overtone. The aroma follows the same profile, with an earthy herbal overtone that’s accented by rich nuttiness. As soon as you exhale, the effects of Peanut Butter Rockstar will sink in, starting with a cerebral lift before spreading throughout the rest of your body in tingly waves of energy. These tingles start in the back of your neck and spine before spreading their buzzing tendrils throughout the entirety of your body, leaving you hopelessly relaxed, kicking back without a care in the world – that is, until the munchies hit. Be sure to have some snacks on hand, since you won’t really be able to get up off the couch to hunt for any at this point. With these long-lasting effects and its high 28% average THC level, Peanut Butter Rockstar is often chosen to treat conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, depression, chronic stress, or chronic pain.

Key Attributes of the Peanut Butter Rockstar Strain:


Balanced Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa)

THC Content



Herbal, Pine, Woody


Earthy, Herbal, Pine, Pungent, Woody


Body High, Cerebral, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting

Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Depression, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress

Additional information

Weight 28 g

31 reviews for Peanut Butter Rockstar

  1. Braden

    Braden (verified owner)

  2. Teresa

    Teresa Sedgwick (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty good. Actually has a shunk smell to it, and taste good too. I will be ordering this one again. Would recommend. Thanks My28 Grams.?

  3. Mike

    Mike S. (verified owner)

    Very good smoke even though the buds were a bit small I would highly recommend getting this!!! Taste is great smells great overall I loved it.

  4. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is some smoke “two joints” stuff. Its a heavy hitter though. So hit those two joints and you are chilled for the morning….or an unwinding evening.

    After work joints for sure.

  5. Ryan

    Ryan Vinall (verified owner)

    This is a must have great Quality Friendly people

  6. Mike

    Robotnik (verified owner)

    It’s worth trying because it’s so unique. Great smoke, can’t really compare it to anything. The flavor is tough to describe, it tastes like getting super baked.

  7. James

    James O. (verified owner)

  8. Robert

    Robert Lavergne (verified owner)

    Good stuff not disappointed at all

  9. Cameron

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    shut up and take my money! very heavy pine earthy smoke creative buzz and just insane strain, every time i see this I will be ordering it

  10. Robert

    Robert (verified owner)

    Smells good burns works really well definitely would buy again. Great customer service

  11. Marjo

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not bad at all! Would buy again for sure.

  12. Mike

    Mike (verified owner)

  13. Cameron

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    seriously good smoke, smell taste buzz, if you see this buy it! I will be

  14. Dax

    Mellowcanuck (verified owner)

    If you are a flower smoker, looking for a good smoke? Here you go. Smell is strong. The flavors are there.

    I’m half way through my first smoke and realized, yup its still only my first smoke.

  15. Cameron

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just shutup and take my money, seriously any time I see this I will spend what ever I have on it lol

  16. Pat

    Pat (verified owner)

  17. Logan

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good smoke ?

  18. Hogan

    Michael H. (verified owner)

    Great price and delivered on time as always

  19. Joseph

    Joseph Mischiek (verified owner)

    Awesome taste top quality and the best of both worlds…. watch or do what you want and only when you’re ready for rest.. you get rest.. enjoy
    the best to date for me and that’s o er 40 years

  20. Jake

    Jake G. (verified owner)


  21. Chris

    Chris Mccullough (verified owner)

  22. David

    David Woodford (verified owner)

  23. Jerrold

    Jerrold Puckett (verified owner)

    Tasty and potent darker color than illustrated

  24. Robert

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Ray

    Ray (verified owner)

    I still haven’t found a strain I don’t like..keep up the good work

  26. Robert

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Dominica

    Dominica (verified owner)

  28. Neil

    Neil B. (verified owner)

    My favorite strain…one of the best for sure

  29. Blair

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tasty, great buzz!!

  30. Rob

    Rob T. (verified owner)

  31. Kevin

    Kevin (verified owner)

    Nice high keep up the good work

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