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Our THC Moonrocks will take you through the stratosphere. Made from AAAA cannabis flower, dipped in premium shatter loaded with flavourful terpenes, and coated in kief to achieve maximum potency. Shop the best Moonrock infused pre-rolls and joints in Calgary with My 28 Grams. Our Moonwalker Premium Twax Cones are loaded with THC goodness that is sure to send your mind into space! One of the most powerful products we carry, our moonrock joints are not to be trifled with. Explosive potency packed into an easy-to-use format makes these a popular choice among our customers. Try today!


Try our MOONWALKER Premium Twax Cones to experience a devastatingly powerful joint infused with distillate and coated in top-shelf kief. These cones are an easy ticket out of this world with its 1.75g of THC rocket fuel. We highly recommend to try these if you are looking for a deeper sensation from your flower, however, we do not recommend these for beginners. 


Our Moonrock products are highly regarded across Calgary, having served thousands of customers over our lifetime. You can trust in us to deliver your cannabis moonrocks quickly and discreetly. We love Calgary and our customers, and we want to make sure you get the best experience possible when using our services. 


Find rare and exotic strains transformed into something special. We wouldn’t be able to achieve the potency in strive for if all of our moonrocks weren’t made with AAAA cannabis flower. Tear into these beautiful buds to see how they shine and glisten before they turn into a blissful inferno.


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Calgary same day moonrock delivery.  Order infused pre-rolls, moonrock joints, and twax cones.  Calgary shatter delivery services from My 28 Grams.

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Discover new and fresh ways to experience cannabis extracts from our powerful shatter to our out-of-this-world moonrocks, we have something for every concentrate lover at My 28 Grams. You can trust in Calgary’s best cannabis extract delivery service.

Weed Moonrocks are created by taking a bud of cannabis flower and dipping it into liquid shatter, and coating the bud in kief afterwards. The product gets its name from the appearance of the bud after it is broken up, showing a beautiful array of colours and a shine that cannot be matched.

Weed moonrocks can be smoked using most traditional methods but the most popular are threw a bong or pipe bowl. We don’t recommend to bust up your moonrocks, as they are quite sticky and will get caught up in the teeth of your buster.¬†

Simply break apart the nug with your fingers and sprinkle the moonrock over your bowl and enjoy!

You can also break apart the nug and roll it up into a joint or blunt, but this can prove to be troublesome for even the most seasoned rollers.