High CBD Strains

Calgary’s preferred destination for strains with CBD in them.  Browse our fresh selection of high CBD strainsWeed strains with CBD in them are typically sought after for their medical value.

Weed strains high in CBD

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High CBD Weed Strains

Canada's Strongest Weed strains

Enjoy cannabis strains with high THC content.  These are some of our strongest strains when you’re looking for a potent heavy high THC packing indica or sativa over 30%.

CBD Strains

Cannabis Strains With High CBD

Buy high THC strains online in Canada.  We deliver same day in Calgary, but if you’re from another city, we offer mail order marijuana to anywhere in Canada.

High CBD strains help with a variety of medical ailments like stress, chronic pain, pain, depression, and more.  CBD strains posses higher than 1% CBD and typically a balance of THC.   

There is dozens of different strains with high CBD including Charlottes Web which is nearly 20% CBD and a low THC percent.

Nope absolutely not.  High CBD weed strains are actually a more mellow high, but that’s what it’s loved for.  CBD is known to help balance an intense THC high out, so a strain with a balance of CBD and THC can expect a longer mellower stone.

Nope, high CBD strains don’t cost more, although they are a little bite more rare, you can expect the same amazing ounce pricing on strains with CBD as without.

CBD strains are considered cannabis strains with a high level of the cannabinoid CBD and a relatively low ratio of THC.   Low THC and high CBD ensures a lack of the intense high and a focus on the medicinal value offered by CBD.   CBD strains are found to help with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression and other ailments.  

What is considered high CBD when it comes to cannabis strains.  High CBD strains hit up to the mid 20% range.  CBD is a cannabinoid that will not get you high so the more the marrier when it comes to medical benefit.

There is no best strain for pain management when it comes to CBD strains.   But with our metrics you can judge how much THC and CBD is in each strain.  This way you can adjust your intake based on the percentage of CBD in each. Buy CBD strains online in Canada and for quick same day delivery in Calgary.