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My 28 Grams carries Calgary’s convenient and easy-to-use disposable dab pens in various flavours to choose from. Loaded with potent THC distillate, these dab pens are sure to get you buzzing in no time. Take these vapes anywhere and everywhere, as they are easy to store and smoke while on the go. Disposable dab pens are one of our best sellers, so see what all the hype is about today!


All My 28 Grams disposable dab pens contain 90% THC, so you can expect a powerful high from these vapes. Additionally, Our Shimmer disposable vape pens are made with zero pesticides so you can expect a clean and safe high from our pens. You can put your trust in My 28 Grams to get you the perfect vape for the perfect occasion.


Our BOOST 510-Thread vape cartridges are loaded with THC distillate combined with terpenes profiles from each individual strain in our catalog. Discover new and exciting flavours while achieving pure bliss with our amazing weed carts.


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Many smokers especially vape enjoyers love the ability to get baked discreetly. These pens are the perfect way to get a buzz on at times when a joint or bong just can’t be smoked. Perfect for those always on the go or the occasional smoker. Smoke up at work parties or at a friend’s place with our simple and easy-to-use disposable vape pens.


My 28 Grams carries several amazing dab pens and vape pen devices. Find Yocan and other large vape manufacturers in our online store. Purchase today!


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All of our disposables and vape carts and made from high-quality, pesticide free cannabis flower. Our standards for product are about as high as you will be after smoking one of our vapes. 

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<div> <p class="font-normal text-base break-normal text-black whitespace-pre-wrap opacity-100">My 28 Grams has a wide variety of THC vape pens available for those looking for a device that's loaded with convenience. These pens are thrown out when you're done with them. Disposable vape products are usually designed without a battery, and are instead equipped with an 'auto draw'.  Simply take a hoot and your disposable vape will automatically turn on and off.  When the cartridge is empty, toss it! Not interested in a disposable pen? Check out our 510-thread vape cartridges for a great alternative that leaves less waste.</p> </div>

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Calgary THC vape delivery. High quality THC vape pen products. We are Calgary’s source for weed vapes aka oil pen or 510 thread cartridges. We offer same day vape delivery on all 510 thread vape products and disposable weed vape pens.

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A massive selection of Canada’s highest quality weed vape brands.  Enjoy hybrid, indica and sativa THC vape carts, and disposable weed vapes in every flavor packed with terpenes.  Enjoy authentic weed strains and hybrid flavors from our reputable vape brands.

THC vape pens (or better known as ‘Dab Pens’) are used to vaporize concentrates for a safe, easy, and discreet way to ingest cannabis.

These pens can come in many shapes and sizes, including disposable and non-disposable pens. Most non-disposable pens use 510-thread carts that are interchangeable across all pens so you don’t have to worry about your pen not being compatible in the future.

When you hear someone talk about their new cart, they are referring to their 510-thread cartridge that has been filled with some type of cannabis concentrate.

The carts themselves are disposable, and will need to be replaced once you are done smoking the product. Simply purchase another cart and insert it into your pen to keep the smoke flowing!

Due to the viscous and oily nature of cannabis concentrates, THC carts can clog easily. No need to fret! The solution to this is no problem at all:

  1. Clean the Cart: using a toothpick or any other slim, cylindrical stick, and slide it down the inhalation hole of the cart and twist lightly. This will remove any oil that has seeped into the chamber and sealing the hole within.
  2. Breathe warm air into your cart: you can lightly breathe into the cart and the warm air from your breath will loosen up the oils, allowing you to vape as normal.