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Edibles delivery Calgary means you get your edibles FAST, 90 minutes or less.  Find your favorite snacks and treats infused with THC delivered at My 28 Grams! We carry infused THC gummies and candy, chocolate, baked goods, and cannabis beverages, so there is something for everyone here! Use our Calgary cannabis edible delivery services to receive your order with 90 minutes.

Weed gummies aka weed candy are healthy edibles, some of these are sugarless edibles. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our potent THC infused gummies! We carry a wide variety of treats for you to choose from, including some all-time favourites! Experience that same joy we had as a kid all over again with My 28 Grams. Our gummies can be used to help relax, sleep, or to simply get toasted!

Edible cannabis chocolate bars infused with THC and CBD. Our wide variety of chocolate bars cannot be matched in the city with treats from brands like Boost and Ganja Edibles. We carry only the finest chocolate edible products in Calgary. These products can be used to help relax, sleep, medicate, or for recreational purposes.


Weed Chocolates


Weed Cookies + Brownies

Weed cookies and weed brownies! Shop for a wide variety of baked goods infused with THC at My 28 Grams! Find weed cookies, weed brownies, Weed Kripsy treats, and more in our online store. We carry many of your favourite brands, so take a look and see what we have for you.


Weed Cookies


Weed Chips

Experience that savory weed chips crunch with our edible THC chips. We carry many of the brands you know and love like our Nacho Cheese DOWEEDOS! Shop now and find potato chip edibles for delivery in Calgary.


THC Chips


Cannabis Beverages

Our THC infused cannabis beverages are perfect for a sunny day on the beach or a rainy day inside. These drinks soothe and calm within 30-90 minutes of consumption. Loaded with THC, these deliciously tasting drinks will have you feeling good in no time. Take a look at our selection today and see what lies in store for you!


THC Beverages


The most delicious way to consume cannabis! A favorite tasty treat for cannabis lovers everywhere, we carry a wide variety of edibles, including sweet and sour gummies, chocolates, cookies, chips, and drinks. For those who want a new way to try cannabis, edibles offer a smoke-free, discrete experience.

Calgary Weed Edibles Delivery

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Calgary’s best dispensary for edibles.  Buy edibles online in Calgary at a dispensary with a variety of high THC edibles and new stock daily.  Fresh high quality lab tested cannabis edibles products infused with THC. Calgary edibles delivery is My28Grams specialty. 

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Buy edibles online in Calgary at My28Grams.co.  We are sure you will love our variety of cannabis infused products in candy edibles, chocolate edibles, baked edibles infused with THC and more.  Buy edibles in Calgary with quick same day delivery.

Cannabis edibles are products that you are meant to eat or drink that contain Cannabinoids. These products can have THC, CBD, or a mixture of the two within them. Be careful and always check your product’s packaging for dosage amounts and the type of cannabinoids used.

Edible cannabis products can come in nearly any form from gummy candies and chocolate bars to baked goods such as brownies. You can also purchase cannabis tea bags and tincture drops.

Weed edibles can have a longer lasting effect than inhaling cannabis, and can have a more powerful effect depending on your body type and tolerance level.

If you are new to consuming cannabis and cannabis edibles, start low and take it slow.  

Cannabis edibles effects can last up to 12 hours with residual effects lasting up to 24 hours after. Do not drive or operate machinery after taking cannabis edibles as the effects can last well into the next day.

Cannabis edibles that contain the psychoactive ingredient, THC, will have similar effects to that of inhaling cannabis.

CBD cannabis edibles do not contain any THC (or at least a very minimal amount) and are used to help regulate pain, sleep, and other medical conditions.

Based off this information, you can make an educated decision on the type of edibles you want.

Always make sure to double-check your edible’s packaging!

While there is a distinct difference between most Indica and Sativa strains when inhaled, the effects become much more blended with edibles.

That being said, the effects of an edible depend on the strain used as well as the genetic makeup of each individual that consumes them.

While a Sativa edible may be labelled as one, these edibles can still have the same effects as an Indica strain, so be mindful of this when consuming!