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Buy Indica weed strains at My 28 Grams and get powerful cannabis that will relax and chill. We work closely with our suppliers so that we can get exotic and rare Indica strains we know our customers will love. Take a look at our selection of Calgary’s best Indica weed strains available for delivery.

The Best Indica Strains

Indica cannabis strains are known for their highly sedative properties that lead to “couch-lock” sensations. At My 28 Grams, we have some of the best Indica strains on the market, making our online dispensary the perfect place for any Indica lover. Buy weed strains for delivery and receive your order within 2 hours.

Strong Indica Strains

Strong indica strains are defined as a high THC indica strain.  High THC indica strains are up to the user, but in our eyes, 28% THC and higher qualify.  Here’s some of our strong indica strains you’re going to love.

Top Shelf Indicas

Top shelf indica strains are buds we’ve chosen with a high THC percentage, high terpene content and beautiful bud structure. These strains are our recommended top shelf indica strains for a reason.

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Our Indica strains not doing it for you? Check out our wide selection of energizing and uplifting Sativa strains that are sure to excite the senses. 


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For our customers looking for a smaller quantity of cannabis product or want to try one of our amazing strains, we have many HOTBOX pre-roll joint packs available in 3-pack and 7-pack varieties. Find Indica pre-rolls for some of our most popular strains! Browse our selection of cannabis pre-rolls for delivery today.


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Calgary same day weed delivery.  Order hybrid, sativa and indica strains online in Calgary for quick delivery to your place in 90 minutes or less.  Calgary weed delivery is best with My28Grams!

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Indica Strains

Discover a new indica strain with high THC today.  Mid day smoke?  Enjoy a fresh sativa strain that will keep you energized and creative all day.  We have the perfect options for all indica strains, sativa strains and hybrid strains.

The route of these two words come from botany and is used to describe how the cannabis plant grows and matures throughout its life cycle.

Many weed dispensaries and budtenders across the world use these three groups; Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, to classify marijuana strain effects simply and easily.

While this has been a mainstay in the cannabis industry for sometime, it is not scientifically proven that either Indica or Sativa strains provide the effects touted over the years 100% of the time. For example, how an Indica can put you “in da couch”.

However, Indica and Sativa strains provide a simple starting point for new users to find strains they are comfortable with and that they like. Once you become nuanced in the ways of the bud, you can begin researching cannabinoid and terpene profiles to dive deeper into your search for the perfect cannabis for you.

The buds of Indica and Sativa plants, just like the plants themselves, are incredibly distinct. Indica buds tend to form tight bunches near the nodes of the plant, while Sativa buds grow in long, wispy, and light bunches. Additionally, Indica buds are more compact and, although they are shorter in length, they are heavier than Sativa buds. Indica strains are also more resistant to cold weather, and they sometimes develop striking purple or red colours when exposed to colder temperatures.

Pure Indica cannabis strains have a higher amount of Cannabidiol (CBD) when compared to other strains. CBD is known to promote sleep even in users with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedative qualities, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your night. They also have a higher THC level when compared to it’s Sativa counterpart, so you can expect a more potent and powerful high as well.

Pure Sativa strains are known for their energetic qualities that are perfect for social gatherings or getting those creative juices flowing.

These strains also produce more of a “mind-high” than its Indica counterparts, which is great for reducing anxiety.

Sativa strains can be smoked during the day without worry of becoming too relaxed or lethargic.


Hybrid cannabis strains can make you feel a combination of effects due to Indica and Sativa strains being crossbred together over time.

Certain hybrid strains can have a higher Indica or Sativa dominance, while others can be a 50/50 split between the two.

Many of the strains available at cannabis dispensaries in Calgary are hybrids. The next time you’re shopping for your bud, try to pay attention to the ratio as well as the terpenes present in the cannabis. This can give you a great idea of what your preference is in the future.