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Calgary Weed Delivery

Buy Weed Online With Calgary’s Best Weed Delivery Service, With Same Day 90 Minute Delivery

Same Day Calgary Weed Delivery

Order Weed Online at Calgary’s Best Same Day Weed Delivery Dispensary

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Sylvain Prud'homme
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Always a beautiful floral tone and an incredible cerebral mindfuck. A treat not soon forgotten

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Sales on Shrooms, Weed, Vapes, Edibles and more.  Here’s what’s on sale for a limited time Calgary.

What’s new?  Calgary’s freshest new weed for you.

What’s new?  Looking for Magic mushrooms? We have the strongest magic mushrooms for same-day delivery! We’re not just Calgary weed delivery, we also have magic mushrooms, mushroom edibles, micro-dose mushrooms and more!

We offer a lightening fast delivery ranging from only 0 – 90 Minutes to anywhere in the city!   Our Calgary cannabis delivery services are the fastest in the city, guaranteed!  Cannabis delivery is convenient with

Absolutely! You’ll be notified both when your order is sent for delivery, as well as when the driver is close to your location. Typically they will text you, but if needed you can also request they call you instead 😊  Thanks for your choice to buy weed online in Calgary at My28Grams.

Currently, we primarily accept cash on delivery as payment.

However, we are also able to accommodate Interac E-transfer payments made before the order is sent for delivery. To use this service, you must have online banking with your banking institution.

If opting to use e-transfer as your form of payment, please place your order, and include in your order notes that you would like to use e-transfer as your payment. Afterwards, a customer service rep will reach out with your payment details and instructions.

Order weed online here.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders $100 and above – based on the total cart value.

Below the free delivery threshold, we charge a flat rate of $16 to assure our hard working delivery team is fairly compensated for their efforts 😁

*Okotoks, Cochrane, Strathmore subject to a small extra fee due to long-distance delivery

  1. Visit your online banking/ mobile banking app and navigate to the E-transfer section. If you have troubles, you can call your bank to assist you.
  2. Add our payment email (provided by customer service team upon request) and exact total of your order as seen on your invoice. 
  3. Submit the transfer. 

    Once you send the E-transfer, our team will confirm payment and begin processing your order for shipment.

  5. If there are any errors in the deposit process, we will contact you to clear them up before processing the order.

*We recommend adding us to your contact/payee list, to make future orders faster/easier for your convenience. 

No, there will be no surprises once you reach checkout

Yes! We offer SAME-DAY 2 HOUR delivery to a variety of surrounding areas! including:

  • Airdrie weed delivery
  • Chestermere weed delivery
  • Cochrane weed delivery
  • Okotoks Weed Delivery
  • Langdon Weed Delivery
  • De Winton Weed Delivery

If you are further than this, we are also able to offer post-shipping to anywhere across Canada!

Certain banks and card companies take longer to process etransfers.   Don’t worry, this happens often, but we will have to wait to send your package out if you are using a bank that has increased wait times.  These cards / banks are typically limited to:

  • Koho 
  • Tangerine
  • CIBC

Bear with our payment team as your transaction processes and we will get your package out at the earliest slot available.

We offer a lightening fast delivery ranging from only 0 – 90 Minutes to anywhere in the city!   Our Calgary cannabis delivery services are the fastest in the city, guaranteed!  Cannabis delivery is convenient with

We offer a lightening fast delivery ranging from only 0 – 90 Minutes to anywhere in the city!   Our Calgary cannabis delivery services are the fastest in the city, guaranteed!  Cannabis delivery is convenient with

My28Grams offers 5 grades of cannabis ounce price tiers – $59 Ounces  |  $79 Ounces  |  $99 Ounces | $129 Ounces | $149 Ounces – the dank cannabis ounces.

While we whole-heartedly believe in and stand behind the quality of all our cannabis flower, you’ll typically find the finest strains under our $149 tier. This tier will often include rarer, more unique strains, with the most apparent flavour-profiles.

However, we strongly recommend any of our tiers, and a $129 ounce will most certainly satisfy just about any level smoker.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so naming a single strain would be very challenging, as even a strain of the same name may be different from one batch to the next.

Take a look around the site, and explore the various strains that are currently in stock. The average THC for the current batch will be listed on the product page, along with various other product details!

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are not happy with your order, My28Grams will offer you an exchange within 48 hours of your order for a new strain of equal or lesser value for a flat delivery fee of $16 (inner city) with proof of less than 3.5g to have been removed / sampled from the order.

Preference exchanges are limited to a maximum of one (1) exchange per order, and at the discretion of My28Grams’ customer service team.

*My28Grams retains the right to refuse exchanges if the customer in question is seen to be “gaming the system” or taking advantage of this guarantee in any way. Attempts to take advantage of this policy on a regular / recurring basis for personal gain could lead to a refusal of deliveries to the customer all together.

We offer a variety of delicious edibles on our site, based on traditional penny-candy flavours. Our current edibles consist of 20mg of THC per candy, and each package contains 10x Candies. Enjoy the best edible delivery in Calgary with My28Grams!

edibles delivery calgary – buy edibles in calgary

Yes! We’re proud to offer some of the best shatter strains available in Calgary! In fact, our shatter is sourced from one of, if not THE best shatter producer in the country.

shatter delivery calgary – buy shatter in calgary

Currently we carry disposable vapes, that can be recharged if the battery dies, yes. Once the cartridge is empty, it will need to be replaced.  

vape pen delivery calgary – buy vape pens in calgary

We opted to only sell in ounce quantities purely so we could keep our prices to an absolute minimum! 

By doing this, it also ensures that product sells faster, so you know your future order isn’t sitting unsold for extended time periods drying up in a little 1/8th bag.

Weed Accessories

Check out the My28Grams Calgary Bong Shop.  Here you will find accessories like dab rigs, bongs, weed vape pen batteries, 510 thread batteries, dip devices and more.

Today’s Sales

Find daily weed deals in a dispensary near you at all times.  We switch up sales on weed, edibles, vape pens, magic mushrooms, ounces of weed every few hours so check back.

Weed Gear

So you want some My28Grams swag?   We have an exclusive line of hoodies, hats, backpacks, and other small run merch for you to grab today.  Hurry, these are limited.

Calgary's Best Weed Points

Trade your points in for My28Grams gear, free pre rolled joints, free weed and free gifts you’re going to love.

Calgary Dispensary

Welcome to Calgary’s best delivery dispensary.   We deliver your weed in 90 minutes or less. We’re Calgary’s Best Dispensary.

Same Day Delivery

Same day weed delivery, like, lightning fast.  Our logistics are Calgary’s best so you can get your weed quickest, for the best price.

High THC Strains

High THC strains are alive in Calgary with My28Grams.  Seriously strains with 30% THC or more, we have lots.

Ounces Under $100

We have a simple tier system so it’s easy for you to find cheap or premium weed.  Ounces under $100, and lots of them.