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Customers new and old love our HOTBOX pre rolled joint packs available for delivery across Calgary and its surrounding areas. Find a wide assortment of cannabis strains in 3-packs and 7-packs of pre-rolled joints. All of our strains are tested for quality assurance so that you know you’re getting a proper pre-roll sent to your door.

We carry Indica pre-rolls, Sativa pre-rolls, and Hybrid pre-rolls conveniently packaged up so you can enjoy your flower anywhere, anytime! Trust in My 28 Gram’s Calgary weed delivery services and get your order within 90 minutes of ordering!


Kick back and chill without a worry in the world using our premium Indica pre-rolls. Find rare and popular strains in an easy-to-use format to make your life more convenient. Smoke up and blaze one with My 28 Grams!


Get creative with our Sativa pre-roll joint packs perfect for the day smokers out there. Known for inspiring creativity and surges of energy, Sativa cannabis strains are a great medium between relaxed and functional.

These strains lack the sedative effects of Indica strains and have less lethargic effects, so you can go about your day without feeling couch-locked. 


Our Hybrid pre-roll joint packs use some of the finest strains on the market to give you a distinct high unlike no other. Hybrid strains are a fusion of Indica and Sativa strains leading to a mixture of both sedative and energizing effects.

For customers looking for a unique cannabis experience, hybrid pre-rolls are a great place to start. 


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Pre-rolls are the perfect way to experiment with new cannabis strains, as they are convenient, easy to transport, and made from dried, pre-ground flower that is ready to be smoked. Smoking pre-rolls is a classic way to consume cannabis. We like to take them with us wherever we go and share them with our friends!

Calgary Pre Rolls Delivery

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Calgary cannabis pre-roll delivery. High quality joints rolled to perfection with 0.75g of premium cannabis. We are Calgary’s direct source for weed products. We offer same day pre-roll delivery on all of our HOTBOX products.

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Buy Pre-Rolls Calgary

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Cannabis pre-rolls are joints that are rolled before you buy them and inserted into a convenient package for ease-of-use. When you receive your order, you will be able to smoke your pre-rolls right away as there is no preperation needed.

Of course! Our HOTBOX pre-rolls can be delivered all across Calgary quickly and safely. We even have discreet packaging options. 

All of our HOTBOX pre-roll packs come with 0.75g perfectly rolled joints.