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Magic Mushrooms Calgary

Buy magic mushrooms online in Calgary for same day delivery. We are Calgary’s trusted source for same-day mushroom delivery.Β  High-quality shrooms from sought-after growers are delivered to your place in 90 minutes or less. Expect the best prices and quickest delivery of shrooms in the city.

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Good stuff

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Good stuff

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these are a lot stronger than 250mg each frfr

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Buy Magic Mushrooms

Buy Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

Buy magic mushrooms in Calgary.Β  We offer a massive selection of high quality shrooms with same day delivery.Β  Use our potency meters to gauge the level of high you can expect from your mushrooms.

Order magic mushrooms for same day delivery in Calgary and get yours in 90 minutes or less today.

Find exotic, rare, and potent mushroom strains in our online store for Canadians. Top-of-the-line medical grade mushrooms available at your fingertips.

If you have any more questions, give our service reps a call for more information on mushroom strains, potencies, or our business.

Calgary mushrooms available for delivery by My 28 Grams

Shroom Delivery

My 28 Grams provides discreet and anonymous same day shroom delivery to Calgary and its surrounding areas.

Our zoomers have phenomenal reviews and we have products for beginners up to psychonauts. Use our potency meters to gauge the level of high you can expect. If you have any more questions, give us a call for more information.

Same Day Magic Mushroom Delivery

buy mushrooms online in canada

You can depend on My 28 Grams to supplyΒ the highest quality shrooms available. All of our mushroomsΒ undergo a strict selection processΒ in order to keep our level of quality consistent and keep you safe.

Explore the inner depths of your mindΒ and discover thought-provoking experiences.Β  Same day magic mushroom delivery is alive in Calgary at My28Grams.

Support That Knows Their Shrooms

Our customer support is always available within office hours to help you with your questions whether you are inquiring about potency strengths or pricing options. Give us a call if you are experiencing any troubles or simply need a question answered. We are here for you!

Micro Dose Mushrooms

Order Magic Mushrooms in Calgary

No matter your level of experience with magic mushrooms,Β we have a product that’s right for you. Our potency meters help you quickly find a mushroom strain that meets your expectations.

FromΒ Penis EnvyΒ toΒ White Albino, we get some of theΒ most popular and rare mushroom strainsΒ in the world. Always keep your eye out for what’s new in our store!

It is highly recommended for beginners to start slow and never take mushrooms alone.

More advanced users should alsoΒ be cautious of high potency strains, as these mushroomsΒ can have powerful effectsΒ that can feel overwhelming at times.

Mushroom psychonaut in space tripping

You love magic mushrooms and we are your new magic mushroom dispensary with same day Calgary shroom delivery.

Our Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are carefully chosen from reputable growers whether you want to buy them for therapeutic or recreational purposes. We stock rare magic mushroom varieties for psychedelic explorers who are looking for truly unique experiences. In addition to ensuring that our mushrooms stay fresh, we seal them in airtight seal bags to ensure that they aren't tampered with or exposed to light or moisture.

Calgary Magic Mushrooms Delivery

Same Day Magic Mushrooms Delivery

Magic mushroom delivery across Calgary and Canada!Β  Order shrooms online and we will bring them to your place in 90 minutes or less today.Β  Enjoy Calgary’s fastest medical mushroom delivery service.Β 

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Buy Shrooms Calgary

Use My 28 Gram’s shroom delivery services in Calgary and enjoy a variety of mushroom strains for their unique and different effects.Β  Zoomers cause psychoactive experiences and highs that vary between strains. Let us be your trusted source for magic mushroom delivery.

Scientifically known as “Psilocybin Mushrooms”, are fungi that contain naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compounds, primarily psilocybin. When consumed, these mushrooms can induce profound alterations in perception, mood, and various cognitive processes.

Our magic mushroom inventory changes frequently, but you will find a variety of strains with different strengths added to our dispensary daily.Β  From Blue Meanies, to penis envy and melmac mushrooms, we carry a massive selection of mushroom strains.

Use our strength guide on every magic mushroom page to determine the strength of the latest batch of shrooms.

Micro dose (microdose) mushrooms is when you take a tiny amount of mushrooms to avoid the full effects of magic mushrooms in exchange for therapeutic benefits that come with a tiny dosage. The intention behind microdosing is to achieve subtle changes in mood, cognition, and creativity without significantly altering one’s perception of reality.

Popular mushroom strains include a variety of shrooms that we sell the most:

  1. Golden Teacher Mushrooms
  2. Penis Envy Mushrooms
  3. Melmac Mushrooms
  4. B+ Mushrooms
  5. Pesa Mushrooms

Although these are the most well known shroom strains, we offer a variety of mushrooms that are far less known or newer to the market.

Magic mushrooms go by a variety of different terms, some including:Β  Shrooms, magic mushrooms and zoomers as popular ways to refer to the funky kind of mushrooms.

Yes! We offer SAME-DAY 2 HOUR delivery to a variety of surrounding areas! including:

  • Airdrie magic mushrooms
  • Chestermere magic mushrooms
  • Cochrane magic mushrooms
  • Okotoks magic mushrooms
  • Langdon magic mushrooms
  • De Winton magic mushrooms

If you are further than this, we are also able to offer post-shipping to anywhere across Canada!