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Purchase CBD and THC tinctures online in Calgary at My 28 Grams. Calgary cannabis oil delivery is available same day as well as delivery on all cannabis products. We exclusively offer high-quality, medical-grade, and lab-tested tinctures. Get the fastest and highest quality infused edibles with our Calgary edible delivery services. Give us a call today if you need any additional help submitting your order.


Cannabis tinctures are one of the most potent THC and CBD products on the market today. Tinctures are essentially weed-infused alcohol products paired with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, to help “carry” the THC throughout your system. Cannabis tinctures differ from traditional cannabis oils in that alcohol is used as a solvent and in the final ingredients of the mixture. 

Cannabis tinctures can be used for many different reasons such as to help with certain medical conditions, to help sleep, or to regulate pain. Our tinctures also come in variety of dosages and formulas, so you can find the perfect product for you. Find THC and CBD tincture formulas at My 28 Grams!


THC tincture effects differ completely from CBD tinctures. These products still contain THC which is the psychoactive property in cannabis that makes you feel high. The effects deepen once you take the strain into play as well. Indica strains are more prone to cause feelings of relaxation and sedatory effects. While Sativa strains tinctures can cause uplifted sensations paired with bursts of energy

Depending on the desired effect of your tincture, we highly recommend researching each one to make sure its right for you. Having troubles deciding? Give us a call and we can walk you threw the steps!

Always check dosage sizing before consuming!


THC tinctures are a wonderful alternative to smoking cannabis that millions use every day to help them medicate, relax, and chill out. Tinctures allow for precise measurements when dosing, so you can get the exact same experience every time. This makes it great for medicinal users who want to treat their conditions without the fear of ingesting too much.


Cannabis tinctures can be consumed in many simple ways, but the most popular include dropping the mixture into a beverage, orally swallowing the oil or directly dropping the oil underneath the tongue

The onset for the effects to kick in vary on your method of consumption. Sublingual (under the tongue) is the fastest method, with times averaging around 15 minutes for the effects to kick in.

Your body also plays a major role in how you respond to the effects of a tincture. Weight, height, and other metabolic factors can lead to different onsets in everyone, so take it slow, find your limit and stay within it.


Storing cannabis tinctures is easier than you think. Simply keep your tincture in a cool, dark area of your home and it should last well over a year without losing potency. The shelf life of alcohol-based products is much higher due to how stable the substance is, so you won’t have to worry about your tincture disappearing any time soon.


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Buy edibles online in Calgary at  We are sure you will love our variety of cannabis infused products in candy edibles, chocolate edibles, baked edibles infused with THC and more.  Buy edibles in Calgary with quick same day delivery.

Cannabis edibles are products that you are meant to eat or drink that contain Cannabinoids. These products can have THC, CBD, or a mixture of the two within them. Be careful and always check your product’s packaging for dosage amounts and the type of cannabinoids used.

Edible cannabis products can come in nearly any form from gummy candies and chocolate bars to baked goods such as brownies. You can also purchase cannabis tea bags and tincture drops.

Weed edibles can have a longer lasting effect than inhaling cannabis, and can have a more powerful effect depending on your body type and tolerance level.

If you are new to consuming cannabis and cannabis edibles, start low and take it slow.  

Cannabis edibles effects can last up to 12 hours with residual effects lasting up to 24 hours after. Do not drive or operate machinery after taking cannabis edibles as the effects can last well into the next day.

Cannabis edibles that contain the psychoactive ingredient, THC, will have similar effects to that of inhaling cannabis.

CBD cannabis edibles do not contain any THC (or at least a very minimal amount) and are used to help regulate pain, sleep, and other medical conditions.

Based off this information, you can make an educated decision on the type of edibles you want.

Always make sure to double-check your edible’s packaging!

While there is a distinct difference between most Indica and Sativa strains when inhaled, the effects become much more blended with edibles.

That being said, the effects of an edible depend on the strain used as well as the genetic makeup of each individual that consumes them.

While a Sativa edible may be labelled as one, these edibles can still have the same effects as an Indica strain, so be mindful of this when consuming!