Melmac Magic Mushrooms

Melmac Magic Mushrooms

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Melmac Magic Mushrooms is one of the world’s most popular psychoactive mushrooms. This high potency strain will have you feeling like you’re in a different planet!


  • 14g or 28g of Dried Psilocybin mushrooms.

Melmac Magic Mushrooms Information


Melmac Mushrooms

Melmac Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Melmac), also referred to as Homestead Penis Envy is a variant of the famous Penis Envy strain discovered and developed by Terrence McKenna and Steven Pollock two of the great early psychonauts.

Over the years many mycologists worked with the original Penis Envy strain to develop their own. Homestead is a name of a spore vendor located in the Pacific Northwest. It was very active in the 80s but they have since disappeared from the underground mushroom scene. We can only predict that the name Melmac was given by Homestead in reference to a fictional planet and home to alien life from a sitcom called ALF which aired from 1986 to 1990.

What sets the Melmac shrooms apart from the original Penis Envy strain is that the shape of stems and caps are alien-looking. The stems tend to have a tendency to look more deformed and the caps have wavy edges. The colours are very similar to its Penis Envy parents, stems are nearly colourless and caps tend to be light to dark golden caramel.

The Melmac is known to have high potency. We do not recommend this strain for first-timers. This is a strain for experienced users as potency is at the level of Penis Envy which can be sometimes more than double of most strains. Depending on your setting you can expect a deep shamanic and spiritual experience. Because of its high potency ego loss may also be something you might face.

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14g, 28g

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27 reviews for Melmac Magic Mushrooms

  1. Brad

    Brad (verified owner)

    Strong with a nice body high, would buy again.

  2. Ryan

    Ryan B. (verified owner)

  3. Angela

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Renee

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. jason

    jason (verified owner)

    Solid. AAA

  6. Robert

    Robert Smout (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing shrooms for decades to keep my cluster migraines away, and to date, these were the best I’ve used for my shroom tea.

  7. Dylan

    Dylan S. (verified owner)

    Definitely some potent mushrooms. Do the right amount of these and you’ll be surrounded by some insane visuals! Good quality mushrooms don’t underestimate these bad boys ?

  8. Gareth

    Gareth Burke (verified owner)

    Love them so much

  9. Brandy

    Brandymae (verified owner)

  10. Brandon

    Brandon (verified owner)

    Hits hard and fast with very little. Definitely worth the price and the customer service is fantastic

  11. Daniel

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Really mellow weed, the Melmac Mushrooms were mellow to the point where I barely noticed I took half the bag.

  12. Spencer

    Spencer Eroshinsky (verified owner)

  13. Jo

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Hailey

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Potent and insightful ❤️ Will put you in your place ✨

  15. Darrell

    Darrell Hanames (verified owner)

    The service was excellent , very fast delivery about 1hour and the product was amazing even better than I expected.I will definitely order from my28grams again:)

  16. Spencer

    Spencer Eroshinsky (verified owner)

  17. Thompson

    Thompson Shannon (verified owner)

    Always a good night

  18. Nathan

    Nathan (verified owner)

    The description was pretty good. The high met my expectations. Mellow. A little too light for me. I’ll try another potency next time. My biggest problem was the shrooms were very gritty (dirt/sand).

  19. Justine

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I didnt know that this service existed and im so happy my friend recommended you guys to me! Same day delivery is rare, 2 hour delivery was seriously impressive guys. I’m impressed and will be a guaranteed return customer, thanks for existing!

  20. Keanna

    Keanna (verified owner)

    Love the vibrant colours and trips you can get with these, and the body high you can get along with it is pretty cool too, would buy again

  21. Lindy

    Lindy S. (verified owner)

    Amazing trip! New favourite ♥️

  22. Robert

    Robert Pelletier (verified owner)

  23. Brady

    Brady G. (verified owner)

  24. Robert

    Robert Pelletier (verified owner)

  25. Alex

    Alex (verified owner)

    Best shrooms I’ve ever had. From this site. From anywhere else. The potency isn’t super high and that’s what makes them great. You can enjoy your trip without too much of anything from a potent trip. Mellow af.

  26. Robert

    Robert (verified owner)

  27. Brad

    Brad (verified owner)

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