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Rosin vs Resin What is the difference?

To make dab-worthy resin, the process is time-consuming and intricate. This form of resin is known as live resin because it is extracted in a unique way. Instead of drying and curing the THC-rich trichomes before harvesting them, live resin is extracted from live plant material immediately after it has been flash-frozen. Butane hash oil (BHO) is produced from a hydrocarbon solvent in the same way as live resin. The solvent penetrates the plant matter and is then purged away, resulting in a concentrate.

Live compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are present in the finished product, resulting in a more robust flavour.

In general, rosin is thought to be a better concentrate than resin. The method by which each is produced is significantly distinct. While both are named the same, hydrocarbon extraction is used to produce resin, rosin is produced through a solventless extract method.

Live rosin is produced using living plant matter rather than cured cannabis, as with live resin. After being harvested, the plant matter is put into an ice bath in a micron bag of one of several sizes, each of which filters, isolates, and purifying the remaining material after the procedure. After the bubble hash is dried, it can be pressed into live rosin using a machine that applies heat and pressure.

It’s probably no coincidence that live rosin is pricier than live resin, as the live rosin technique is more complex and produces a cleaner solventless extract. Personal preference plays a significant role in determining which one is better.

Although live resin is lower quality version or rosin, it sill boasts a higher quality than other cannabis products, which is why some are willing to settle for lower prices on live resin products.

Some consumers are firmly committed to solventless concentrates, and are willing to pay a higher price for higher quality. It is always a smart idea to do a bit of research before deciding which brands and products are the best fit for you.

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