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What is Hash Rosin?

Hash Rosin uses a warm cure which causes the THC to nucleate or crash out, leaving you with a delectable consistency that is pure pleasure to dab. A crude form of hashish, produced by pressing the plant material to extract the active ingredient.

Hash rosin is made from bubble hash or ice water extraction hash. The rosin extraction process begins after the cannabis material has been extracted using ice water. The cannabis material is first extracted using ice water which makes hash rosin a more refined version of rosin. Ice water hash is created by dunking cannabis flowers in ice water, removing the trichome stalks and heads.

The screens filter out the tiny stalks and heads to create the hash containing cannabinoids and terpenes. The hash is collected and dried before being pressed for rosin. As a result, hash rosin is created using smaller micron rosin bags (25 microns) and lower temperatures (170-190 degrees Fahrenheit).

The greatest benefit of hash rosin is the overall quality, clarity, and potency of the finished product. Hash rosin has a cleaner flavor profile and frequently gives a more intense effect. It provides the highest potency levels and is less polluted (with unwanted plant compounds) than flower rosin.

Many consumers use color as a quality benchmark when purchasing hash rosin. Hash rosin that is lighter in color is often preferred, although it is not always an indication of overall premium quality.

You can create rosin jam or sauce using hash rosin. By using a warm cure, you can cause the THC to nucleate, resulting in a delectable consistency that is pure pleasure to dab.

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